Contemporary. Representational. Art.

We create our own realities, and along the the way some are compelled to document. My documentation is in traditional oils, and sometimes clay—representational with a longing for the abstract.

Summer Greens

It all started with my deciding to paint a piece for above a hallway piano–something that would not compete with the facing windows. One morning when I saw the fog in the distance and the cedar trees outside my kitchen window, I knew that was the subject I wanted to paint.   Following  Morning Fog Thru the Cedar, I found myself…

Turtle Pond

Original Oil Painting by Catherine Stephens Oil on Linen, 18″ x 24″, Framed, Available to Collectors A place of peace and remembrance; the Turtle Pond underneath the Clock Tower at the University of Texas in Austin. Available now through our On-Line Gallery or through Xanadu Gallery.


  Original Oil Painting by Catherine Stephens Mixed media; oil, acrylic, fabric and wood, 8″ x 22″, Ready to Hang, Available to Collectors Classic fare painted in classic whites. Available now through our on-line Gallery, or through Xanadu Gallery.

“Young Love”

Original Oil Painting by Catherine Stephens Oil on Canvas, 40″ x 30″, Gallery Wrapped, Available to Collectors Color, light and texture are used to convey the immediacy of a young woman’s natural attraction to a docile, would-be, pet. Available now through our on-line Gallery, or through Xanadu Gallery.